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Thank you for your interest in The NixFreak IRC Network. We are an Internet relay chat network with servers across North America. Our mission is simple; we offer a free means of Internet-based real-time communication for everyone to use.

This web site's purpose is to deliver NixFreak IRC Network relevant content to end users of our facilities. We plan to offer news, information, howtos, and FAQs to enrich your experience with us. If you are interested in volunteering services to NixFreak, please contact an administrator or IRC operator and ask about opportunities.

By using NixFreak's IRC services you agree to our terms of service. If you do not agree to our terms of service, please refrain from using NixFreak's IRC services.

Terms of Service

The views expressed on the NixFreak IRC Network do not necessarily represent those of NixFreak and/or any of NixFreak's staff.

Terms of use:

Bots and/or multiple clients are permitted, as long as the number of clients you have online (this includes shells and/or vhosts) does not exceed two. Abusive or malicious activities on this network will not be tolerated, and will result in a warning and if it continues a ban and/or we will deny traffic from the offending IP address to our IRC network.


Unauthorized access to any computer system or networks owned or maintained by NixFreak or its affiliates, partners, and authorized staff is prohibited by title 18 USC 1030 (a). Violators are subject to criminal and civil penalties under title 18 USC 1030 (b). Pursuant to title 18 USC section 2511 (2)(a)(i), any and all monitoring of user activity and IP traffic may take place on this system or any others on networks owned or maintained by NixFreak or its affiliates, partners, and authorized staff.


By using the NixFreak IRC Network you agree that you understand and accept our policies as stated above.

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NixFreak would like to thank Envescent for generously hosting this site. We also recommend viewers of this site to check out BSDFreak for BSD news and Breakbeat Ninja's site for music.

For users that are new to IRC (Internet relay chat) we have links below to IRC clients which will allow you to chat online using the NixFreak IRC network.

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